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Main CharactersAlfur Aldric, Erik Ahlberg, David, Additional Voices, Frida, Hilda, Mum, Gerda
DirectorAndy Coyle
CategoryAdventure, Supernatural, Comedy-drama
Age Group7+
First ReleaseSebtember, 2018
Number of seasons3
BudgetAround $80-$250 Million
OriginUnited States, United Kingdom, Canada
Original LanguageEnglish


“Hilda” is a captivating animated television series that follows the enchanting adventures of a spirited young girl named Hilda. Set in a whimsical world filled with magical creatures and fantastical landscapes, the show brings to life the beloved graphic novel series by Luke Pearson.

At the heart of the story is Hilda, a fearless and curious girl who resides in the cozy wilderness of the Scandinavian-inspired town of Trolberg. With her distinctive blue hair and indomitable spirit, Hilda embarks on thrilling escapades that blend fantasy, friendship, and discovery.

The series opens with Hilda and her loyal companion, Twig, a diminutive deerfox, as they navigate the mysteries of their vibrant surroundings. From encountering towering giants to befriending mischievous elves, Hilda’s world is teeming with wonder and excitement.

Central to the narrative are Hilda’s relationships with her friends and family. Whether she’s bonding with her loving mother, Johanna, or forging alliances with quirky characters like the adventurous Frida and the enigmatic Wood Man, Hilda’s journey is enriched by the bonds she forms along the way.

As Hilda explores the wilderness, she learns valuable lessons about empathy, courage, and the importance of understanding others. Each episode is a tapestry of enchanting encounters and heartwarming moments that resonate with viewers of all ages.

One of the show’s most endearing aspects is its richly imagined mythology. From the enigmatic Nisse who inhabit hidden nooks to the elusive Tide Mice that dwell in the depths of the ocean, “Hilda” showcases a diverse array of magical beings inspired by folklore and legend.

Yet, amidst the wonder and whimsy, “Hilda” also delves into themes of belonging and identity. As Hilda grapples with the challenges of growing up and navigating her place in the world, viewers are treated to a poignant exploration of self-discovery and acceptance.

Visually stunning and narratively compelling, “Hilda” captivates audiences with its lush animation and evocative storytelling. Each episode unfolds like a cherished storybook come to life, inviting viewers on an unforgettable journey through a world where the extraordinary is just a step away.

With its universal themes and irresistible charm, “Hilda” has garnered widespread acclaim and captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. A testament to the power of imagination and the enduring magic of childhood, the series continues to inspire and delight audiences of all ages, inviting them to embark on a wondrous adventure alongside its plucky heroine, Hilda.

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