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Main CharactersMitsuo Suwa, Sumire Hoshino, Superman, Peryan, Hemanita de
DirectorHiroshi Sasagawa, Sadayoshi Tominaga
CategorySuperhero, Adventure, Action
Age Group6+
First ReleaseApril, 1983
Number of seasons1
BudgetAround $70-$250 Million
Original LanguageJapanese


“Perman” is a delightful Japanese manga and anime series that revolves around the adventures of Mitsuo Suwa, a young boy with a big secret. When trouble arises, Mitsuo transforms into the superhero Perman, equipped with extraordinary abilities to protect his friends and community.

Set in a quaint suburban town, the series follows Mitsuo’s double life as an ordinary schoolboy and a masked hero. Alongside his friends, Mitsuo navigates the challenges of childhood while facing off against mischievous villains and larger-than-life adversaries.

What sets “Perman” apart is its whimsical blend of comedy, science fiction, and heartwarming moments. Each episode brims with imaginative escapades and clever antics as Perman battles to uphold justice and thwart evil schemes.

The core of the series lies in its endearing characters and relatable themes. Mitsuo’s struggles with school, friendship, and family resonate with viewers of all ages, while his alter ego as Perman inspires courage and kindness.

With its vibrant animation and catchy theme songs, “Perman” captures the imagination of young audiences and nostalgic adults alike. Through its entertaining storytelling and positive messages, the series imparts valuable lessons about bravery, teamwork, and the power of believing in oneself.

Join Mitsuo and his pals on a whirlwind journey filled with laughter, adventure, and the timeless appeal of being a superhero in “Perman.” It’s a timeless classic that continues to charm audiences with its timeless charm and universal appeal.

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